Too big to allow to fail (o_lucky_man) wrote in hippie_sex_cult,
Too big to allow to fail

Noon Blue Apples

Photo taken at 12:45pm in the church at Rennes le Chateau on 17 January 2005

"My emotions are elated DELIVER ME OUT OF THE MIRE, immediately I woke up, my dream is over. I meant to tell you that it was a dream I had on this 17th January, the day of Saint SULPICE, but the nightmare persisted. On reflection, I wish I had told it to you as a fairytale by PERRAULT. In the pages which follow, dear reader, are the results of a dream which nursed me from the bizarre to the unknown. LET HE WHO HAS THE UNDERSTANDING USE IT WITH WISDOM"

--from Le Serpent Rouge
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