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Crowley describes the infinity symbol as representing "heaven on earth or lower sephiroth plus Daath (or 7 planets plus Sothis [aka Sirius]); Mercury; Hod, Ogoad, the Buddhist & other 8 path. Perfection. Strength, fortitude, everlastingness. It is the first cubic number, hence it stands for the cube itself, or earth. Splendour of endurance."

"The lemniscate is a hallmark symbol of the Stellar Cult. It serves to represent the Milky Way or even the planet Mercury. Properly, it was to symbolize the ecliptic and the zodiac. The Stellar Cult were the first astrologers. The zodiac and its ordinances was their great theatre and Mystery School. The lemniscate connotes the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm which are the same thing seen from two different perspectives. These two polarities have been termed Nuith (ever expansive) and Hadit (ever contractive) by Aleister Crowley. They are also known as the Yin and Yang, the Prolific and the Devouring or the Nagual and the Tonal. The lemniscate's meaning is similar to the Yin-Yang. They both contain the "point" and the "wave" motif, implying both stasis and movement. This latter image is also called the "eyes of the serpent." The esoteric letter of the card is Teth, meaning serpent.

The card pictorializes the Precessional Age of Leo which existed between 10,970 and 8,810 BC. This is about the time when temple construction at Gizeh began. In regards the cosmology and pantheon of Egypt this eighth card relates to the Sphinx which is a sculpture featuring exactly what this card shows, namely, a lady and a lion. The little hill behind the figures is meant to be the Pyramid. The Sphinx whose erection long predates the pyramids represented the ancient Egyptian zodiacal year which opened in the sign of Virgo. This sign was then, as now, symbolized by a handsome female or goddess. Their zodiac and year then closed, twelve months later, in the sign previous to Virgo, which is Leo, the symbol of which was always the lion. The head of the Sphinx even faced the constellations of Leo and Virgo which rose on the horizon in those days. So in stone, we have the opening and closing of the Sidereal Year, proving that the Egyptians were master astrologers and were intent on having this fact commemorated for posterity. Later, in the myth of Christ, we have it written that he was the son of a "Virgin." This statement would have caused a great deal less confusion if it was realized that the reference was again to the zodiac and the sun of god rather than the son. To the ancient Egyptian Siderealist Magi the sun was indeed "born" of the Virgin or more correctly in the Virgin, that is Virgo. When the sun entered this sign the year and the journey of the hero (Horus/Christ) began. Christians still have their holy celebrations to the Virgin Mary, of her annunciation and assumption, in the sign of Virgo."

"But this 'Nameless Aeon' is all-ways present, thus the recurrent symbology/mythology of the Horned God/dess. It is the central core or axis of the aeonic caduceus/lemniscate, the sushumna through which the other aeons weave and cross. Just as the beast is always inherent within us despite the veneer of civilization -our underlying animal/instinctual natures- so too is the central dreaming always there, submerged as it may be under some rationalist or materialist paradigm. And to it we shall re-turn...

Crowley emphasised this fact: 'Every man and woman is a star'. The work of the A.^.A.^. , the Astrum Argenteum or Silver Star, continues to guide the 'spiritual evolution of humankind' from (and to?) the stars via the astral plane."
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