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Hippie Sex and Death Cult!

We're Not Your Grandmother's Hippie Sex Cult Anymore

I Can't Believe It's Not Sex Magick!
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Welcome to the OFFICIAL livejournal community for the Wilhelm Reich Dance Troop, Freee Love Cult, and Marching Band!

We are a Charismatic cult looking for energetic, profoundly incredible young women and men for magick, shoplifting, sodomy, headshaving and pointless, tuneless singalongs. Some occasional lite ritual murder required. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sex Magick! – allows you to satisfy your desire for rich, creamy sex while remaining dogma free. Now I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sex Magick! – comes in a heavy format, which delivers the same, great I Can't Believe It’s Not Sex Magick! – taste but with 50% more good karma and twice as many orgasms than our regular sex magick. So go ahead, You Won’t Believe It’s Not Sex Magick!

To join You must be

(a) Blindingly beautiful

(b) drop-dead brilliant

(c) fabulously wealthy

(d) free of all constraints, inhibitions, and COMPLETELY committed to the destruction of all authority, whether human or divine


(Z) willing to do everything within Your power to achieve and/or become these things (and More!)

So cum join our hippie sex cult! You'll be glad you did!

maintainer: invisibleava

Omnia quia sunt, lumina sunt

"Are ye not, Kings and Priests unto God, Very Illustrious Sir Knights and Perfectly Illuminated brethren?"

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